Where have you been Ron?

Sorry, I haven’t been writing like normal. If writing were normal. I have been doing life like it’s supposed to be done. Outside, things that are happening in real life. I do miss the writing though. I think it’s theraputic. I don’t think I’ll ever be asked to write for money. To be honest, I’ve recently re-read some if my early stories, and they seem a bit jumbled, and nonsensical.

I will try to be a bit more coherent when posting in the future. Sometimes, I get a bit jazzed up with what I’m writing about, and my mind will race from one thought to the next, and I might just gloss over the important segue. My bad.

Anyways, those of you who do read this stuff, thanks, those who don’t? Shame in you. Just kidding. I write for the fun of it, and when I get a bit more discipline, I’ll write more things, hopefully that give you a laugh, or at least make you think that even though the world is full of different people, we are more alike than different. Be well


Drive Time anyone?

Well, if you read this blog at all, you know for a while I was gainfully employed at DHL for about 2 months. The reasons that it didn’t work out were varied, and probably seem petty in the short term, but, I did try and do the job as specified, and without too much success.

Not withstanding, my friend Gary Gilmore, who stuck his neck out to get me the interview was more than a little miffed at me, but since I’ve been gone, we have had a couple of beers, and shared some stories, so that is all good now I’m sure.

Now, it was because of the job at DHL, that I saw the opportunity to do something else in the delivery field. I had been invited to lunch at I HOPE by my Lady love, and I was working, but also was having some doubts about the job, so doing the job was about the last thing on my mind. As I was driving, I noticed 4 brand new pick up trucks traveling down the highway following each other. I thought that was strange, never see so many new vehicles going down the road like that. Then I saw the lead vehicle, it was a passenger van, with the company logo and phone number on it, so I made a mental note, and after I got to the restaurant, I googled them.

I found out that they were located smack dab in the middle of my delivery area. The take new and used vehicles, from dealerships around the area, to dealer inly auctions, you know the kind I’m talking about, those small ones on the side of some major roads in your town, and those dealers then bid for the ones they want to buy. It’s really the best for both dealers, but you know, some of those trade ins? Not the best in the world, like yesterday, after a 2015 Mercedes, I got a POS 1995 Buick, the word part? Even though the car was crap in just about every way, the except the engine, it was smooth shifting, and ran really well, everything else though, the windows didn’t roll up or down, the saving grace on this was the drivers side window was down, and the air conditioning didn’t work, no radio, and the steering wheel haa a covering on it that was done at the factory, that had come away from the wheel itself, but still in one piece on the wheel, it was like having a theraputic squishy on the wheel, which turned out to be good, because everything that bothered me about the car, was taken out on that squishy. Then, after having delivered that one, we went to a Buick Dealership, to pick up some Fiats.

If you aren’t familiar with this car, it’s kinda like a baby shoe, with wheels attached. I had to drive this, while inside of it. Yeah, it’s tiny. I’m a big fella. Comical.

We had a difficult time getting them to start, and if you aren’t familiar with brand new vehicles, they like to use computer readouts to show you how much gas you have, also some handy how many miles til you’re empty. Mine said 75 miles to go. We weren’t going that far, so I went ahead and took off. About halfway there I noticed I had 90 miles to empty. Realized at THAT time, it was a trip meter, not a reflection on how much gas I had left. With just 16 Miles to my destination, I ran out of gas.

There I was, sitting on the side of a busy highway, inside of a baby shoe, knowing that at any moment, someones inattention would result in the destruction of this kids toys, and myself included. I exited the vehicle, to watch the impending doom of this car, from a slight distance. Nothing bad happened, it took more than two hours for them to finally get me some gas, and thinking this tiny little car should get like 100,000 miles to the gallon, I didn’t put a whole lot in the tank, and with just a mile and a quarter to go, I ran out of gas again. First time not really my fault, second time, all me kids, all me.

After profuse apologies all-around, we made our way back to the office.

I tell this story to basically say that, even though it was a crappy day, it was a million times better than the other place. Be Well

The Trip!

Before I tell you this story, I’m going to preface it with some background on my current relationship, without getting too descriptive, not TOO descriptive. Anywho.

My current girlfriend and I are waaay old enough to know better. So before you judge our relationship, know this, we have both been normal regular people most of our lives. We make choices that have turned out to be mistakes, and have learned and grown from it.

We had both decided to rededicate ourselves to the LORD, and try to be better people for HIS sake, and for ours as well. She made that decision about 9 years ago, I didn’t make it until earlier this year. Even though we were in each other’s lives, more indirectly than directly, we never had occasion to converse or even interact.

I tell you these things, because GOD had wanted us to be there for each other, and had set in motion, certain events that would make it possible to get to know each other.

First for me, was taking me away from Austin, Texas. I had just made the decision, at 50 years old, to become a stand-up comedian, but HE had other plans. I was tasked to come and help take care of my elderly father, so that my sister could relax, not being the ONLY person to take care of him, you see, he can be a handful, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I was so upset with GOD, I had made a conscious decision to do something with my life, and now nothing.

So I was mad at HIM, but it was ok, because HE made everything, including time, and HE is eternal, so HE said HE’D wait until I came around to HIS way of thinking.

It was April of 2014 when I came back to North Texas, it was July of 2016 that I had decided to actually read the Bible for the very first time in my life, and it was just after my 54th birthday, when I attended my sisters church for the very first time.

Now, speaking about personal relationships, I’ve had a few, and they have ALL ended. Not through any fault of either of us directly, but I did notice a trend, they were all sexual at the base of it, and because I need to be very thorough in my attempts at relationships, I would always lean in that direction. It finally dawned on me that maybe sex was not necessarily the best basis for a relationship, because sooner or later, that component is fleeting, and you’re gonna have to deal with the other person directly, you know, as a person.

All of my best relationships with guys didn’t involve sex, just dudes hanging out, sometimes making bad decisions while say “Hold my beer”.

So, I decided that the next time I had a relationship, I would want them to be my friend first.

Then, I got to start hanging out with my girlfriend. She was an aquaintance of my sister through the churches that they each attended. She likes to cook, and would always make more than she needed, so she would bring over the extra, and we all benefited from this. This is how I met her.

She had given us some rocking chairs for our porch, and after using mine a couple of times, it started coming apart, I asked if she could help me put them back together, because I’m not about the tools and such, and we, more like she, put them back together, even better than before, better, faster, stronger, oh wait, no,  that’s the Six Million Dollar Man! They were better though.

That’s how it started. We spent the weekend putting them back together, making them stronger, and painted them. I have never laughed so much in my life, and I’m the funny one!

Soon after that, a small tornado came through our little community, and tore off the west side roof of her barn. She was devastated, but, not if her animals were hurt, and her house experienced no damage, and after I had cleaned up the small mess that was in our yard, I looked on Facebook, and saw her post, and then I let her know, that if there was anything I could do, I would. Just so happens, I didn’t have a real job to go to, and I only lived a mile away, she said yes please I need your help.

That was the start of us becoming good friends, friends are people who you can rely on, in the most difficult times, even at 3am.

It didn’t take very long to realize that this is who GOD wanted me to be with. It wasn’t very much longer after that, that I had told her as much, and to out the icing on the cake, told her that we would not have sex, until after we were married, if that ever came about.

It’s a promise that I had made to GOD, and it says in the Good Book, better to never make a promise, than to make o e, and not keep it! Especially to GOD, HE don’t like you making promises, and NOT keeping them.

This was kind of a shock to her, but, it was also a litmus test of sorts, if I can keep this promise, maybe I’m worth having around as a man, she hasn’t had the greatest luck in that area either.


Over the Labor Day weekend, we had planned to got to the town in Oklahoma where she grew up, went to High School, and left for college.

The name of the town is Poteau.

It’s pronounced Po-To, like potato, without the Tay, buuuuuut, if you are from around there, it’s pronounced PoDo, like Dodo, the bird that went extinct.

You don’t want people to assume you are from out of town now do ya? Even though your car has Texas plates on it? Do ya???

We went there as a test run, you see, I snore, and apparently it’s something to experience, and while we aren’t going to sleep together, we are going to be in the same room, and she is a light sleeper.

This could make or break us folks.

Also, the Vikings years ago, had trekked across North America, from the East Coast, to middle of the United States, directly to Oklahoma, and left some interesting carvings on stones surfaces, they call them Runes, say it with me ROONS!

They are Rune Stones, and are clear indication that the Vikings made it inland this far anyway.

It was down in a cavernous pit, at the top of a small mountain, a hill actually, but I did have some Marine Corps flashbacks, when we’d climb hills like these back in the day, we’d reach the top, sit and rest a bit, and invariably, someone in charge would say, “People pay big bucks to see views like this!”, to which I would mutter, not this guy!

So, we saw the Runes, I took some pics, to prove that I was there.

We saw some of the places she had lived, some of the places she had hung out, met some of her family, had some really good food, and visited a church locally, you see she and I go to different churches, she likes her, and I like mine, but we both enjoyed this one together, and they were collecting for the devastation the Hurricane Harvey had brought in, and they had also had a fire at one of there local schools, in the Cameron school district. My oldest son is named Cameron, so yeah, I had to give more. Had to.

The great thing about our trip?

She found, that with a small fan on, separate beds, a number of pillows, and some cheap earplugs, she isn’t hardly bothered by my snoring, isn’t that wonderful!?  Yeah, I thought so too.

So in conclusion, GOD has a plan for all of us, and we can fight it all we want to, but when you just let HIM do the work for you, your life becomes much easier. It won’t be perfect until after the end of it all, but it will be easier.

By the way, isn’t the world supposed to end today? I’m sure I read that somewhere? Does anyone know exactly what time? Cause I got stuff to do, and I can’t wait around all day. Be Well.

Ever moving forward

First, GOD is good all the time!

Second, I haven’t been writing because I’ve been too busy, but that has changed some. Right now, I’m at the VA doing labs today, they forgot to tell me to hold my water, so after they Dracula’d me, I’m pounding coffee to squeeze out a sample, so while I’m waiting, I figured I’d give everyone an update.

So about 2 and a half months ago, I ran into an old friend that I used to deliver packages with for Airborne Express, Gary Gilmore, we visited for a bit, and I found out that he was delivering for DHL, who incidentally, had purchased Airborne Express just after I stopped working there. There primary function was International Delivery only, but wanted to expand into the domestic market. That didn’t last. They are back to strictly International again.

Now, I appreciate the opportunity, and the fact that my friend used his influence to get me on. The hours were long, and the stress levels were so high, and there is a benefit from getting older, that I don’t have young children growing up, or mortgages to pay, or any major bills, in fact, I’m pretty much retired, except I don’t have enough money in my Social Security to benefit me when I am the proper age to actually retire.

I had on one occasion, spied a small convoy of new vehicles driving in a line, and saw the lead vehicle with advertising for that company, I googled them, and saw that they were based in my delivery area. After speaking with them, and discussing the situation with my girlfriend, we agreed that for us, and everyone around us, that maybe a change was in order.

Now the pay for DHL is outstanding! But so are the amount of hours worked. The time commitment on deliveries and the window for pick ups, was enough to make me want to pull out the rest of my sparsely growing hair, and I just can’t have that.

Anyhow, after getting all of my ducks in a row, I put in my 2 week notice, and after a few days, they asked me what I would need, in order to stay. I gave them some outrageous demands. In my mind, if they HAD agreed to what I was asking, it would have been worth it to stay, but also, the things that I asked for were also to ensure they wouldn’t meet them, therefore freeing me up to do this other job.

They laughed at my demands, so did I, it was worth a try though, then I proceeded to train 2 other new drivers, on scanner procedure, and delivery and pick up. The second was promising for taking over my route, but when the last couple of days came up, they asked if I could stay another week, to train another guy who was going to take over my route, he had grown up there, and was familiar with the area. By this time though, I had already promised the new job I was to be available on the next Monday, besides, they didn’t even offer to sweeten the pit at all, besides, I promised, so……

It says in the good book, it’s better NOT to make a promise, rather than make a promise and not keep it, it’s an abomination in the eyes of the LORD, just don’t do it!

Anyhow, the new job? Texas Auto Delivery! We go from dealerships, taking new and used cars, to auction sites around the city. Now I’ve never heard of this kind of thing before, but, let me tell you, there are alot of people that do this sort of thing, I mean alot!

With two days under my belt, and just starting out, I took the third day for the VA, when I told the owner, his answer to me was, no big deal, just.means I don’t have to pay you for that day! My kind of job!

So, my girlfriend and I had gone to the town where she grew up, to show me around, and for us to have a little trip together, and I’ve been wanting to write about that since.we got back, Labor Day weekend, so that should be next on the list, now that I have time again to write! Be Well!!

Just a story.

I was on my path through this world we live in, and I happened upon another. He did not look like me, his clothes were strange to me, as I believe mine were to him.

He did speak the same language, but his accent made it hard for me to really understand him.

We decided to travel together for a while, taking each other’s company as a way to pass the time during our travels.

As time went by, we needed to get water to quench our thirsts.

As the day wore on, we needed to stop and eat, with the day coming to a close, we also needed to rest our bodies, for travelling on foot is tiresome. We told each other stories of our lives not on the road.

Friends and family, loves and losses, good times, and hard times. When it was time to sleep, we had each other to keep the other safe from harm, but we both needed sleep, so we slept at the same time, trusting each other not to harm or hurt during the rest.

We awoke the next day, and had a morning meal before we started out again. Our travels would be taking us in different directions eventually, but for the time being, we were there for each other.

Sooner than I would have liked, we had to part ways, but only for a while, we promised to stay in touch, as we all often do, but there was something different about this man, I wanted to keep my promise to him to stay in friendship with him.

His sincerity, his honesty, and his companionship during my travels, made me realize, that even though we are different on the outside, we are all the same on the inside, our needs daily are the same, food, water, rest. This will never change, so our realization of these things should never change.

As we were coming out of the desert, and about to make our way on different paths, I embraced my new friend, and told him I would always try to stay in touch, and would never forget the man who.made me understand that we are all of GODS children, he said “Goodbye Ron, and good travels.” and I said “Goodbye JESUS, you are a good friend!”

That’s my story, Be well.

Yeah, I’m going there again.

So, it was close to the end of a long Friday, and I had to relieve myself, bladderally, I was looking at the plumbing, because these days, we can’t be bothered to actually flush a urinal, goodness!

As I was taking care of business, I saw the company logo, in big bold letters, ZURN! It stated as a matter of fact.

Stupid name for a company, if you ask me. Then I spelled it out, instead of reading it.

Z  U  R  N

Or in my head Z Urine!

Almost had to clean up my own mess I laughed so hard, but I did manage to keep it together. Be well!

Well…….Here ya go!!

You know, they say that if you are a blogger, that doesn’t blog, you’re not a blogger.

I recently got a job, it takes all of my time, even some sleep time, and I haven’t found time to write, I’m actually working right this minute, buuuuuut, because a friend of mine wanted to know if I was still blogging, here ya go!

I am a blogger.

This is my blog, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

Bloggers make the words flow.

Readers make the blogs grow.

Read this blog, and share that with your friends, I’ll write more, serious stuff later, promise!!!

So…… How’s work going?

An old Marine buddy, Paul Donoughe, asked me yesterday morning how work was going, since last Tuesday was my first day back at a real job since the end of 2013.

Well, at the time he texted me, I was driving, so I had to wait to get to a red light to check my messages, and to respond. You see, I deliver packages, so all the road no-nos, are in full effect. So, while waiting for the light to change, I quickly typed, driving, which naturally came out as “droving”, yeah, like I’m Hugh Jackman in AUSTRALIA, being the drover. He quickly shot back to me to put that damn phone down and pay attention to the road! It took a bit for me to get to a stopping point and reassure him that I was obeying the traffic laws, but what he wanted, was an update, so here it is Paul!!!

I have done this kind of work before, I became real good at it, but, just like when I think of the things my body endured as a young man, my old man body refuses to believe the self delusional mind that I keep thrusting upon it.

My memory of where I’m delivering, is 17 years old, stuff has been added since that time, most of the other drivers were in diapers when I was doing that, and being older, I don’t take as many risks as I may have, back in the day.

Lost, was a word I would never have thought I would use to describe myself in a delivery area that I was so familiar with back in the 1900’s. I was soooooooo lost, I felt like all those poor characters in that stupid show, LOST! Que dramatic music, and go to commercial.

My friend Gary Gilmore, was the one who suggested me for the job, and he was the one responsible for teaching me how to use the delivery scanner, but, that shouldn’t mean that he should be responsible for making sure all of my packages are delivered! That is what he did though, and it’s a good thing too, because I would still be out there right now, trying to get those deliveries done. Thanks Gary, you are a good friend, and an immense help!!

Anyway, just to let everyone know, I ain’t no quitter, but, if they give me enough time to re-learn this area, they will not be disappointed in my ability to deliver.

My smart aleck attitude, mmmm, not so much! Be well!!!

GOD is GOOD, all the time! All the time, GOD is GOOD!

Now everyone should know by now, I have rededicated myself to my LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

Now for over a year, I had read the Bible, cover to cover, found my heart in GOD, and JESUS, and have delved into the study of the Bible, because the stories in the Bible, although true, do not get into the meat of the story, just the surface.

Anyway, my friend Matt Smith, and i, worked on a t-shirt design, that is to have people that don’t know you, come and ask you what the t-shirts mean. On the front, GIGATT, on the back, ATTGIG, because, GOD is GOOD all the time, All the time GOD is GOOD! You see, it’s hard to start a conversation about GOD to people you don’t know, in order to bringore people to the LORD, you have to be able to talk to people who don’t know GOD, and when you say stuff like, “Do you know JESUS CHRIST is your LORD and SAVIOR?”, It does tend to put people off. So through an experience at church, not the First Baptist Church of Wylie, but the First Assembly of Lavon, the speaker we had that day, did the all knowing, GOD is GOOD, all the time. Normal response from Christians is, All the time GOD is GOOD.

That got me to thinking, my dad over the years has designed t-shirts, that make no sense to anyone other than him, and without exception, I’ve seen people who have tried to figure out what they mean,to walk up to him and ask the meaning.

Like this one, “I just want to LIP, DIP, and RIP!”.

Every time!

So I had GIGATT, ATTGIG on my mind for the longest time. You may know, that most of the stories I write, I have told verbally many times, but was always too busy to actually write them down. Since my new and improved heartfelt relationship with GOD, I get and idea to write something, and it doesn’t leave my brain until I write it. One of the reasons I write this blog, was to be able to write these stories down, and not have to bother all of my friends on the Facebook. So, now I write.

Until I got together with Matt, who owns and runs a t-shirt company, and we hashed out a really good design for our t-shirt, the GIGATT, ATTGIG would not leave my brain.

We have done an initial run, Matt said $12, my Lady said $15, it’s just easier, so yeah, shameless plug time, go to WylieTshirts.com, to get the lower price, or get ahold of me, for the $15 dollar ones, sizes are an issue, so we may or may not have your size in stock.

Now, the real reason I’m writing this story, I went in a job interview last Thursday, and was sent to take a urinalysis, after the interview, they had to do a background check and all, but usually, they don’t pee test you, unless they are going to hire you. So they said, they should know something within 24 hours, and they would call us on Friday. After the pee test, call the supervisor and let him know you’ve completed the task. I did my biz, walked out of the med lab, outside, called the supervisor to let him know I’ve completed my mission, and he said stuff, which I couldn’t really hear, but I assumed he said thank you, and you can go about your day, and don’t call us we’ll call you!

Friday came and went, Saturday as well, not that I was overconfident, but seeing how I’d been sent to pee, I figured I was a shoe in, I had already agreed to watch a friends house and dogs for the weekend, so all I had to do was wait by the phone for a call that I would never receive.

I just finished that if I was supposed to have the job, GOD would have seen fit for them to hire me. So instead of being down and depressed, which is what I would normally do, I just thanked the LORD for being the guiding light in my life, and to keep my eyes open to new possibilities.

6:50 a.m., my phone is ringing, no one of importance ever calls me, so I went to hit the ignore button, it was the supervisor from that job!

He wanted to know when was I deciding to show up for work? I was like, WHAAAAAT? Apparently, whilst talking to him on Thursday, he had told me to show up Monday at 7 a.m., and because I was outside, with wind, and traffic, I didn’t hear him, and was waiting all weekend for a call that wasn’t coming, I’d already been given the job, so my first day of work in 3 and a half years, I decided not to go, and he seemed to understand my likely excuse, so tomorrow, 7 a.m., for real this time!

GOD is GOOD all the time, All the time GOD is GOOD, Be well!


Trouble Shooting? Problem Solving? Who knows?

I’m not sure what it is, and I’m doing this so I can try to figure it out without having to ask for help.

When I started my blog, it was to broaden my readership, because I would post on the Facebook all the time, and some of my very good friends would tell me I needed to get a life, so, the blog.

At the end of the story, I would hit the publish button, then it would let me preview the story for mistakes, and then it would give me the option to share, whether it was the Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or whatever, well NOW, I don’t get the option, it just puts it in the site of WordPress.com, and I don’t even know if anyone but Kim and Joyce even see it, they follow the blog, so they get an email notification that I’ve written a story, and it used to be that if I typed in the comedy877.wordpress.com link, my latest story, with my self designed photo header would show up, and those that have gotten used to seeing that picture, would realize that I’ve written yet another story, and possibly even go ahead and read said story. So, with that out there. I’m going to see, what is what. Be well.